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So on the 23rd we got up in the morning, and attempted to move Laura out of one apartment and into another on the other side of Chicago. And, surprisingly, it worked! With time to spare. It´s weird to think that that is where we will be returning to when we get back from Peru. We then had plenty of time left to repack our bags, do some last minute purchasing, and head off to the airport. The flight from Chicago to Miami wasn´t too bad. Once we got to Miami, we had to race across the airport (of course from one end straight to the opposite one), since our check in time was apparently much earlier than our departure time. When we finally made it to the proper gate, they were calling our names over the loudspeaker. Neat! So, once that got sorted out, we had to sit and wait to board. That´s when my stomach got all tied up in knots and I had that instinctive backing out reaction that I tend to get. But, alas, we actually went through with it and got on the plane. The flight to Lima was actually quite funny because the majority of the passengers were really old people that were part of a tour group. LAN Peru planes are very nice, and the plane was HUGE! They give you a blanket and a pillow, and a really fancy meal on the way. I barely slept, though. I was so nervous and excited about everything that I couldn´t nod off. Plus maybe the knowledge of being directly over the ocean was a little unsettling. THEN they gave us some paperwork to do for when we arrived, and I freaked out because I didn´t know how to answer all of the questions. If I´d known there would be a pop quiz, I would have studied!

Making our way through the Lima airport wasn´t too bad (thank god). You have to pay a tax (Us foreigners only) every time you fly through a Peru airport. Plus you have to pay an exit tax when you leave the country of 30.25. If I knew where the dollar sign is on this spanish keyboard I would put it in there. I´m just thankful I found the exclamation point. All went smoothly in the airport. They are much less strict about the screening process here than in the states, which I guess makes sense. The couple that went before me walked away and left their camera in the tray, so I ran after them with their camera yelling the whole ten spanish words I knew, hoping that one of them might mean "excuse me, but you left your camera in the scanning tray". Then when I finally caught up to them, they said "Thank you." Oops.

I started to feel sick in the Lima airport, while waiting for our flight to Cusco (yep, I got sick. Who called that one?). Laura bought a water to drink, con gas. Which means carbonated. Which means disgusting. I choked some of it down though. Note to others: when in Peru, buy the water marked "sin gas." On the flight to Cusco I had to switch seats with a woman because she wanted to be able to sit next to her child. But it was okay, even though I didn´t get to see any of the flight, because I was feeling quite sick by then and just closed my eyes for most of the flight. They serve a meal on the airplane too. And its actually quite delicious. They have some yummy desserts here. When we arrived in Cusco, a taxi picked us up and took us to go get our train tickets and then to our hotel in Pisac ( a little outside of town, at a lower elevation). Our taxi driver was very kind and laughed at us while we tried to learn Spanish in the backseat for the twenty minute drive. We got to the hotel and pretty much just passed out because we were both feeling exhausted and slightly sick. When we woke up Laura felt much better, but I was pretty much sick. We went downstairs in our hotel which is also a restaurant, and got some food. I had soupa cruillo, which is beef chunks in beef broth with angel hair pasta. It also came with some cornbread muffins, and it was DELICIOUS. After that we pretty much just dosed up on vitamins and went to bed.

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I´m alive

Trying to remember the events of a whole week

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Okay, so I am actually writing this on... Sunday... September 28th. However, I am going to try and split it into multiple entries by day so the events of that day are applicable to the calendar that I´m going to insert. Hehe :).

Also, these silly Spanish keyboards are a little tricky for me. For instance, when trying to do a smiley face by memory of keystrokes, I wound up with this: Ñ= Excellent.

So, we flew out of the Bozeman airport at 6:00 AM. Which of course we didn´t plan for as well as we had intended, which involved us driving to Bozeman at 3:00 AM, and then our poor mother turning right around and driving back to Helena. Our Frontier flight to Denver was brought to us by Bruno (I think?) the moose, and was on a pretty small and bumpy plane. Which was an interesting way to start the first of 14 flights I´m taking on this trip, seeing as how I haven´t been on a plane that wasn´t chartered since I was, oh... about seven years old. But it all worked out, and we arrived safely at DIA, where we had a 3 hour layover. I really like the DIA airport, it´s very sunny and calm and easy to traverse. I´m pretty confident I can find my way around on my way back to Helena by myself. Laugh if you will, but sometimes I struggle with these things. Microbial metabolic pathways? No problem. Public transportation? Look out.

Anyway, the Frontier flight from Denver to Chicago (with Chloe the deer fawn) was flawless. That pilot deserves a cookie. Then we got picked up from the airport and went to where Laura has been living. Annnd I pretty much slept all evening, got up to eat some leftovers, and went back to bed for the night. Millay (the cutest dog in existence) napped with me, and I was pretty content.


Also, I want to post some of the pictures I have taken, but I´m quite certain that the computer I´m on right now doesn´t have a USB port. I think it may even have a floppy disk drive. I will try again tonight when we get to our hotel, and hopefully a better computer.

Quote o´the blog:
(Heard in the Denver International Airport)
Man to paramedic:"Hey do you know where I can smoke around here?"
Paramedic: "...You´re asking the paramedic where you can smoke??"


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Before I go

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Well. Here I am. Leaving in just a few days! I don't have many profound thoughts at this point, but want there to be SOMETHING to read when I send everyone the link to my travel blog. Wish me luck!

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